almonds can fuck off



HEY just to let you know mac demarco and the orwells and all other bands that have only recently been found douchey have actually been douchey all along wow what a surprise

burningpetunias said: Was he hot tho

sorry i just got this to work but hm he was sorta hot, mostly just a cool person!!



Drink water everyday and don’t let boys be mean to you


Kim Gordon, New York City, 1970


Kim Gordon, New York City, 1970

today i had a substitute in one of my classes so everyone was just doing whatever, and i happened to on all of the sudden the sub started looking over my shoulder at what music i was listening to and he started talking to me about radiohead (bc thats who was playing and all) for 10 minutes, and then he asked me to show him all the artists in my library. so i did. the sub was just scrolling through my like “oh they’re good. that’s quality.” im still laughing oh my god


cool it comes with a free refill 

what shirt are you talking about and will you post the picture of him wearing it?

im sorry i just saw this!! wait do you mean alexs new shirt, the one from coachella? i think thats the only shirt ive talked about in the past few days right?

its official im seeing robert plant in less than 5 days